Marching for Hope

Marching for Hope® is the second national program created by Ocean 2 Ocean Productions. 
In 2008 Cheryl DeLeonardis wanted to create a program that would have the creativity and capability of growing in to a national program for College Marching Bands.  The first year of the program there were only two schools participating, The University of Kansas and The University of Houston.  Under her sole vision and with the remarkable involvement of both the Band Directors and the members of the marching bands, this program jumped within one year to include 19 College Marching Bands who dedicated a performance during the 2010 College Football Season to raise money and awareness for The ALS Association. 

The following Universities, while showcasing their beautiful music during a dedicated halftime performance, made a significant impact on those suffering from this debilitating disease that live in the surrounding area of the respective University.

University of Houston, University of Kansas, “Delta Chapters, Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma at The University of Oklahoma, Western Illinois University, San Diego State University, University of Southern Mississippi, Western Michigan University, Arkansas State University, Virginia Tech, Syracuse University, University of Missouri, James Madison University, University of Colorado, University of Texas, University of Toledo, Baylor University, Boise State University, Clemson University and Colorado State University.

The program is entering the third year in 2011 and has raised $186,000 for The Local ALS Association Chapters where the university is located.  This money that was raised from these extraordinary students, complimented by the encouragement and leadership of the Band Directors who participated, made it possible for The ALS Association to give wheelchairs, oxygen machines and donations to research to hopefully one day find a cure.    

The media coverage this exceptional program received put a shining spotlight on The College Marching Band Program and allowed people everywhere to see the band members open their hearts to this most worthwhile cause.

It is Cheryl’s desired hope that those members of the marching bands who participated will carry with them their involvement and install this important component into their individual lives after graduation.