A Night in Roma

In May 2011, Cheryl created a vision of Mulberry Street inside the Arena at The Don Taft Center located at Nova Southeastern University to benefit The Tony Segreto Athletic Scholarship Fund for the Department of Athletics.  Under her guidance, an indoor Italian Festival was created with the local Italian restaurants lining her version of Mulberry Street.  The aroma of meatballs, pasta, antipasto, pizza, stuffed peppers, and cannoli‚Äôs accompanied by donations of high end Italian wine and beer filled the arena with an aura of a true Italian Feast.  She complimented the theme with two musicians playing and singing Italian songs, two lounges on each side of the stage with televisions playing both The Godfather and Goodfellas and a Caricature Artist for the guest to have their picture made.  In addition to everything else, two indoor Bocce Courts surrounded by a park theme were one of the highlights of the evening for attendees.